You are special. No, really!

19 Oct

As members of non-profit organizations, you have been hearing for years about the benefits of operating similarly to for-profit business in order to be successful.  You've probably read that the keys are to sell the cause, find the money, and build from there.  And while there are lessons to be learned from looking at your organization from a for-profit business perspective, when it comes to marketing, I'm not so sure...because you're special.

You're special because of the way your organization began.  Every non-profit organization started because someone saw a gap in service,  an advancement that was taking too long, people who needed care.  Someone noticed and decided to take action.  From there, the story of each charitable organization grows in its own unique way with its own focus and priorities.

You're also special because of the people who support you.  Since your inception, you have probably surrounded yourself with other amazing people who share your dedication to your mission.  These folks may be volunteers, event participants, donors, sponsors, wishers of good will, and some, all of the above!  Their personal experiences have led them to you and your organization.  And thankfully, they are now part of your circle.  Your unique story is also part of their story and vice versa.  

For-profit structures don't often have the mission and community support that is seen in a non-profit setting.  Therefore, a marketing strategy for a non-profit organization must be different and must start with the founder's inspiration.  Communicating that inspiration and the story that followed is how you will connect with your community on a personal level.  Future donors, volunteers and participants are not to be sold a cause, but included in your circle.  They need to know why you, and those around you, spend so much time and effort on your programs. They need to know how they can help.  They need to know why you are special.


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