The New Year is Here! It's time to talk about your social media strategy.

05 Dec

It's well known now that social media is a powerful asset for marketing charitable organizations and directly engaging and connecting with an interested audience.  Why is it then, that so many nonprofits are not taking advantage of this opportunity?  Many are using their business accounts on social media in the same manor as a personal account.  Why are we seeing only colorful pictures of fun events and not valuable information about the organization and its mission?  Lack of strategy.

Nonprofit organizations are unique in that they are always balancing spending time and/or money on their operation vs. their mission.  Because of this fluctuating position, nonprofits need to be very focused, and a strategic social media plan can be a huge asset to their operation and mission.  To successfully use the social media platforms available, it is important to take time to brainstorm and identify what it is nonprofits need their community to know about their organization how the message can be effectively communicated via social media.  The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start. 

"People love our posts, why do we need a formal strategy?"

  1. To Define Your Message.  If a person is asked "Describe (your org name) in one sentence.", what would you hope they would say?  Thoughtful social media can help the public answer that question.  Through well-planned posts, your organization will have one voice, a consistent message and will have delivered exactly the information you want directly to your community.  Consistently bring the message back to the mission.  Sometimes the mission gets lost in the excitement of new events or campaigns, so it's always a good idea to remind everyone why you do what you do.

  2. To Become More Efficient.  Anyone who has attempted to provide daily social media content knows that it always takes MUCH longer than you think it does.  By planning out your strategy (what messages do we want to emphasize, what events do we need to promote, what dates are important on our calendar), it becomes very clear what needs to be posted and when.  Sure, it is still time consuming to create and cultivate the content, but with a plan, at least you will have a solid starting point.

  3. To Stand Out From Your Competition.  By having a well-planned strategy, your brand will quickly stand out from other organizations that are competing for donor dollars, event participants and volunteer hours.  Your posts will have a specific look, a consistent voice and intentional content that separates you from other organizations.  People respond to a professional approach and will come to rely on your posts for information that is important to them.

If you are lucky enough to have someone on staff that can handle these responsibilities, that's wonderful.  However, most nonprofit organizations should consider enlisting the help of a freelance social media manager who can provide all of the services listed above, and much more.  (Click Here to learn more about why a social media manager is so important.)  As mentioned before, there is a definite  balance between spending on operations vs. missions, but nonprofits need to consider the possible return on their investments.

In the coming year, let the social media platforms work for you.  Define your message, find your voice, and stand out in your community via engaging interactions with your audience.  Now, go forth and plan, then find your sparkly top hat and have a wonderful celebration.  

Wishing you good health and happiness in the new year ahead!


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